Carbon Free Power Project

UAMPS is a leader in the effort to develop next generation, carbon free, dispatchable power generation in the United States with its Carbon Free Power Project (CFPP). The CFPP is the nation's first-generation small modular reactor nuclear plant, to be located at the Idaho National Laboratory near Idaho Falls, Idaho. It will be compromised of 77-megawatt nuclear power modules provided by NuScale Power. UAMPS continues to evaluate options for power plant size, including the 4-pack, 6-pack, 8-pack or 12-pack  module configurations, to ensure the best overall cost of energy to meet energy needs of its members. Energy from the project will replace electric generation from coal plants that are nearing the end of their life cycles. CFPP will enable UAMPS and its members to add significantly higher amounts of intermittent renewable energy, especially wind and solar, to energy portfolios. The CFPP, combined with renewables, will enable many members to completely decarbonize their energy portfolios.