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Our Projects

UAMPS serves 50 members, mostly municipalities, in seven states, including Utah, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming. UAMPS provides comprehensive energy services to its members, including planning, financing, developing, acquiring, constructing, operating and maintaining varied projects and transmission for the benefit of members.

UAMPS currently operates 16 separate projects that provide power supply, transmission, and other services to the members who participate in them. Members choose which projects they participate in, based on their unique needs.

Hunter Project

Hunter II, part of the Hunter Station in Emery County, Utah, is a coal-fired, steam-electric generating unit with a net capacity
of 446 megawatts. Hunter, jointly owned by PacifiCorp, Deseret Generation and Transmission Co-operative and UAMPS, has commercially operated since June 1980. UAMPS owns an undivided 14.582 percent interest in Unit II, representing 65 megawatts of capacity and energy.

San Juan Project

The coal-fired San Juan Generating Station ceased operations on September 30, 2022. UAMPS, the other current owners and the previous owners that exited in 2017 are in the process of decommissioning the plant.

Intermountain Power Project

Intermountain Power Agency (IPA) is a political subdivision of the state of Utah organized in 1977 by 23 Utah municipalities. IPA’s Intermountain Power Project includes a two-unit, coal-fired, steam-electric generating station, with a net capacity of 1,800 megawatts. The generating station is located in Delta, Utah. UAMPS acts as a scheduling agent for those members who have called-back capacity and energy from the project pursuant to the Excess Power Sales Agreement.

Colorado River Storage Project

The Colorado River Storage Project (CRSP) is federally owned and operated by the United States Bureau of Reclamation. One purpose of CRSP is the production of hydroelectric capacity and energy. The Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) markets and transmits CRSP power in 15 western and central states. WAPA has 10,000 megawatts of capacity in 56 power plants. UAMPS acts as a single purchasing agent for our members that have a firm allocation of CRSP capacity and energy that is purchased through the Integrated Contract for Electric Services.

Firm Power Supply Project

The Firm Power Supply Project manages various power supplies for participating members. The project agreement provides flexible terms for the purchase and the sale of capacity and energy from multiple resources. The Project includes long-term market purchases, wind energy from the Pleasant Valley Wind Energy Facility, geothermal/solar from the Patua Geothermal Plant, waste heat from the Sunnyside Cogeneration Facility, and three utility scale solar projects, Red Mesa Tapaha and Steel Solar 1(A) and 1(B).

Central-St. George Project

The focus of the Central-St. George Project is to improve the quality and reliability of transmission service to the members in southwestern Utah. The project includes a 345 to 138 kV Central substation, 21 miles of double circuit 138 kV transmission line from the Central substation to the St. George substation, four miles of 138 kV transmission line from the St. George substation to the 138 to 69 kV River substation, 12 miles of transmission line connecting the River substation to Hurricane City and other system upgrades. The project also own jointly with PacifiCorp 21 miles of double circuit 345 kV transmission line from Red Butte substation to St. George substation.

Craig-Mona Project

The Craig-Mona Project involves the transmission capability of two interconnected 345 kV transmission lines. UAMPS owns a 15 percent interest in the first segment, running west from Craig, Colorado to the Bonanza Power Plant in northeast Utah. UAMPS holds an entitlement to 54 megawatts of capacity in the second segment from Bonanza to an interconnection at Mona, Utah.

Payson Project

The Payson Project represents the Nebo Power Station, a 140 megawatt combined cycle gas-fired generating facility in
Payson City, Utah. The facility began operating in June 2004. The facility includes a General Electric Frame 7EA gas turbine, a heat recovery steam generator, a steam turbine, condensers and a cooling tower along with related 138 kV and 46 kV electric substations and transmission lines and gas pipelines.

Pool Project

The Pool Project provides an hourly resource clearinghouse where UAMPS acts as agent for the scheduling and dispatch of resources including the purchase of any resources required to meet each member’s electric system load, the sale of any member’s resources which are deemed surplus to meet its electric system load and the utilization of transmission rights to effect resource deliveries to, and sales by, each member.

Resource Project

Through the Resource Project, UAMPS conducts analyses and studies of new power supply and transmission projects.
Additionally, through the project, UAMPS has developed its Smart Energy Efficiency Program, designed to lower energy demand and cut costs for both its members and the consumers they serve.

Member Services Project

The Member Services Project addresses community needs. Through the project, a wider buying base is available for equipment purchases or special services that improve service for the members’ customers. Services may include educational programs, material purchases and customer satisfaction surveys.

Government And Public Affairs Project

Lobbying and the political considerations of the members who elect to participate in these actions fall under the Government and Public Affairs Project. Nationally and locally, UAMPS represents a strong political stance on issues related to electric utilities and the public power movement.

Horse Butte Project

The Horse Butte Wind Project is a 57.6 MW wind farm comprised of 32 Vestas V-100 1.8 MW wind turbines and related facilities and equipment. The facility is located approximately 16 miles east of the City of Idaho Falls and commenced commercial operation in August 2012. The project provides UAMPS members with a long-term supply of renewable electric energy and associated environmental attributes.

Natural Gas Project

The Project was formed in 2008 to acquire economical supplies of natural gas as fuel for electric generation. Natural gas purchases may include spot, daily, monthly or short-term and prepaid transactions.

Carbon Free Power Project

The Carbon Free Power Project was a proposed nuclear plant planned to be cited at the Idaho National Laboratory. In November 2023, UAMPS and NuScale mutually agreed to terminate the CFPP after careful consideration of various factors that affected the project’s viability. Throughout the early stages of the project, CFPP achieved noteworthy milestones and produced valuable work product that will provide a foundation for future projects in the industry.

Veyo Heat Recovery Project

The Veyo Heat Recovery Project uses waste heat to power a 7.8 MW energy recovery generation system. The Project is located adjacent to the existing Veyo Compressor Station which is owned and operated by the Kern River Gas Transmission Company. The Project began commercial operation in May 2016.

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