Distributed Generation

Today, more than any time in history, customers have energy supply choices. As energy generation technology improves and becomes less expensive, it is inevitable that distributed energy systems will proliferate. UAMPS embraces micro-energy projects, such as rooftop solar, community solar, small wind-turbines, and other distributed energy sources.

Over time, UAMPS’ role will become like that of a symphony maestro – integrating all the varied and diverse instruments so they make beautiful music. Instead of being a single source of electrical supply, utilities are becoming aggregators, managers and coordinators of diverse energy sources, and providers of software and hardware tools that create harmony and ensure the integrity and stability of the grid.

However, this transition must occur in an organized, well-designed way, or electrical shortages will occur and the electrical grid will become unstable. Blackouts and brownouts must be avoided. Large industrial users of electricity could be harmed if the transition to distributed energy happens haphazardly. Rate structures must be designed to account for fixed distribution costs and prevent one class of ratepayers from subsidizing others.

UAMPS is committed to encouraging member customers to engage in micro-energy projects, but they must be done intelligently, with all impacts considered.