Doug Hunter – Chief Executive Officer
Scott Fox – Chief Financial Officer
Jackie Coombs – Manager of Corporate & Member Relations
Marshall Empey – Chief Operations Officer
Ted Rampton – Chief Government Affairs Officer
Mason Baker – Chief Legal Officer/General Counsel
Kelton Andersen – Manager of Power Metrics

Laura Whitworth - Manager of ADministrative Services

Mackenzie Monthey - Manager of Energy Efficiency & Communications

Ben Mitchell – Plant Manager
Blade Mecham – I & E Technician
Brent Gowans – Power Scheduler

Bryan Black - Director of Marketing Operations

Carolyn Beatty – Accounting Specialist

Daniel Williams - System Analyst
Darrell Mangum – Power Scheduler
David Cox – Nebo Plant Control Room Operator
David Gammell – Nebo Plant Control Room Operator
Drew Hyer – Senior Power Scheduler
Ed Seymour – Programmer Analyst
Heather Bringard – Power Scheduler
James Kagie – Nebo Plant Control Room Operator
Janene LeMmon – Accounting Specialist

Jim Haddock - System Analyst
Kaylene Youngblood
- Material Coordinator

Kenyon Savage – Nebo Plant Field Operator

Michelle Ajeel – Accounting Specialist

Mindi Kirk - Office Specialist

Nathan Hardy – Director of Power Resources
Nate LeMmon - Power Scheduler
Ramya Vesarapu – Assistant Controller
Roy Williams - Power Scheduler
Rusty Schramm –
 Nebo Plant Control Room Operator
Russell Sederquist – Nebo Plant Field Operator
Ryan Huntington – Director of Compliance
Sadie Ferguson – Office Specialist
Sam Baker – Power Scheduler
Shauna Sowles – Controller
Stacie Pitz – Power Billing Analyst
Taggart Bradbury – Senior System Administrator
Tracy Raines – Program Analyst
Tyson Sparrow – Field Operator
Wayne Anderson – Director of Metering & Data Acquisition
William Anderson – Nebo Plant Field Operator